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We are the Petawawa Pantry Food Bank

Our Mission:

Partnering to feed hunger in our community with dignity and respect for all

Our Vision:

To eliminate and raise awareness to hunger within our community

Our Purpose:

To provide a supply of food to reduce the incidence of hunger in our community.

About Us


Our Values:

  1. The Petawawa Pantry is a safe place available to everyone in need.

  2. Everyone, regardless of their economic means, age, gender, abilities, or ethnicity, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

  3. Nutritious food is a basic human right, and is fundamental to building positive physical, mental, and emotional health.

  4. We value and support our community; we value people’s talents and abilities.

  5. A physically and emotionally safe environment is key to building strong communities.

  6. Positive social change happens one person at a time.

  7. Engaged staff and volunteers are vital to our success.

  8. We value neighbours helping neighbours.


The Petawawa Pantry food bank is a registered charity and a community-based organization.  The Pantry opened in December 2016 to address the consequences of hunger by providing donated food to singles, families, seniors and children in need in the 17,000-resident Petawawa catchment area.  Previously, Petawawa residents had to travel 16 km to Pembroke to access the closest food bank, which was not an option for many.


We are fortunate to have a generous and committed community providing food and monetary donations for those who are facing challenging life circumstances.  Donations from local churches, businesses, service groups, teams, workgroups, and individuals are the real reason that the Pantry exists, and are the driving force in ensuring strength in our community by providing life essentials for families in need.  These donors and partners have responded in wonderful ways by organizing unique fundraisers, volunteering their time, providing food, personal care items and monetary donations, and so much more.


The Pantry is located on Petawawa Blvd, across from the Rexall pharmacy in the ScotiaBank mall.  It is open twice a week for clients (Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings).  Client families choose food items and personal care products as part of the monthly hamper.  In addition, there are special holiday food packages and emergency food is available for special immediate needs. 


All Board of Directors members and 24+ Petawawa Pantry workers are volunteers; therefore, all monetary donations are used for food purchases, operating expenses and contingency planning.  This ensures donations are spent in a manner that maximizes value, and meets the community need.


The Petawawa Pantry is part of the Renfrew County Food Banks Network.  This organization exists to share ideas and concerns and most importantly, to share surplus food in Renfrew County so that it is distributed to where it is needed most. 

In 2021, a collaboration with Renfrew County Mental Health Services resulted in a continuing project to provide 50 food/personal care boxes a month for mental health patients who are in crisis and living in temporary accommodations.  


Our fundraising efforts are evolving as we plan for the next exciting stage for the Petawawa Pantry. 


The Petawawa Pantry is open only with the support of a vibrant, caring community.   Grow with us! 

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