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Please visit us if you need food help.   We are here to help our community.

- The Petawawa Pantry Food Bank can only serve clients who are residents of the Town of Petawawa. If you are not a resident of Petawawa, we will suggest an alternate food bank for future use.

- If you are in need of assistance, but do not fall within our Petawawa boundaries, please feel free to contact us by email or phone, and we can direct you to resources near your location.


How to Register

Your First Visit

During the first visit, personal information will be entered on a client form, including client name,  birth date,  address, telephone number,  spouse/partner name and birth date,  children’s birth dates,  accommodation (rent, own, etc.),
sources of income (CPP, ODSP, EI, OW, employer, etc.).  


Documentation is required to support your registration.
The information on the form is confidential and is verified and signed by the client.

Documentation is required to support your registration!

     1.  Adults and children 18 years and older: 
          Government-Issued Photo ID, showing address:   Driver's License, Ontario Photo Card, etc. 

     2.  Children under 18 years:   

          Health Card for each child

* *  Bring these documents each time you come to the food bank, in case they are requested for verification.


All information you provide is confidential and is kept secure.    




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