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Annual Treat or Eat Campaign

The fun on Hallowe'en night begins again!!  This event is the biggest single event of the year for "food-raising", and is so important for filling our shelves before Christmas. Support the Petawawa Pantry by collecting donations in your neighborhood with a drop-box on your porch, or walk your neighborhood in a group to collect donations. Please register below to help! 

Treat or Eat
Volunteer sign up sheet

Collect donations on your porch from your neighbourhood.  We’ll drop off a poster package to you and pick up your box on Halloween evening from 8-10 pm.  

Pick up donations in Petawawa.  Meet at Food Bank at 5:30 to pick up ID tags, and return with food donations around 8 pm.

Starting at 8:00 pm, pick up donation boxes at participating homes and deliver them to the Pantry.
Having a vehicle and a second passenger is super helpful.

Thanks for submitting!

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